Taylor Lautner Headed to Cancun for Spring Break

Courtesy FLICKR/DdaarryynnAs if Mexico's beach resorts needed any more dubious publicity, Summit Entertainment, the Hollywood film studio that created The Twilight Saga, has announced plans to film an adventure movie set in the Cancun.

The movie will star teen Twilight heartthrob Taylor Lautner, who will play a Spring Break vacationer whose pleasure trip turns into a nightmare when his girlfriend and her friends run into trouble at the hands of the local drug cartel. Rather than spend their days frolicking on the beach, going snorkeling and enjoying wet T-shirt contests at Sr. Frog's, they end up fighting for their lives as the drug dealers threaten them with all sorts of unpleasantries sure to ruin a Spring Break vacation.

Directors are making use of Lautner's fairly extensive martial arts experience, so audiences should expect to see plenty of action and fight scenes.

Though drug cartels are present in many of Mexico's cities, even the tourist towns, vacationers have not been the primary targets of any violence, making such a story a bit of a stretch from the current reality. That said, with all of the negative press that Mexico has seen lately, it's easy to see how the plot line will resonate with many American tourists, many of whom are already wary of traveling south of the border.

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