Monday, May 29, 2006

New Guidelines Make Cancun Safer from Hurricanes

Photo from USA Today
Cancun, May 29, 2006 -- A new ruling by the Cancun Hotel Association requires all hotels in the Cancun Hotel Zone along Kukulkan Boulevard to be more prepared for hurricanes. The regulation stipulates a new process for inspectioning and sanctioning the hurricane refuges that each hotel must have. Hotels can provide on-site refuges in the case of category 3 or lower storms and they must also have ownership of or contracts with other refuges, based on the mainland in Cancun City, that would be used in the case of hurricanes of category 4 or higher - or any other time that the Civil Defense department orders a complete evacuation of the hotel zone. The hotels must also have pre-planned processes for emergency transportation, to get their guests and employees to the refuges.

This is just one more step that the resort city is taking to help increase the comfort level of arriving guests, as hurricane season rapidly approaches.

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